Double Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew Style

Double Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew Style

Double Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDSC_7337Double Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDSC_7319Double Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew StyleDouble Stripes! Mum, Aunty & Nephew Style


I am happy to share these fun photos that the boyfriend took of my sister, my nephew and I back along, where we are both wearing our stripes. Our mum treated us to these knits from Zara a while ago and I promise you that it was a complete coincidence that we ended up wearing our striped knits on the same day. Blogger instincts kicked in and naturally this led to capturing the moment with some photos.

The three of us have quite a unique relationship or at least I think so. Because we all live together and due to some unfortunate circumstances my nephews Dad hasn’t been around for the last couple of years (hopefully this can be amended again in time)  and so along with my mum, boyfriend and a few close family members we’ve helped Trin (my sister) bring Roman up. I know i’m not his mum and I would never want to try and take that role or at least not intentionally because he  already has an amazing mum and because I think it’s crucial for children to be aware who their parents are, where they come from regardless because ultimately it’s a part of who they are. Obviously there are exceptions in extreme cases, i’m not trying to be judgmental, just stating my thoughts. But whilst I know i’m not trying to be a second mum, I know that my relationship feels more then a standard aunty role and I say standard in comparison to the aunty/niece relationships i’ve grown up knowing. I love him more then I could ever express. I want to teach him, protect him, comfort him when he’s sad or scared and I want to bring him as much happiness as I possibly can. I can only that hope that so far I have done this to the best of my ability but this is not for me to judge.

Helping to bring up a child but not being the parent can have both it’s ups and downs. I am with him almost every day of his life. I spend a fair amount of time looking after him but when it comes down to it I am not in the position to make any of the real important decisions, only my sister can do that. This can be a little difficult at times because even though we are sisters, we can have different ways of doing things. We all have distinct ways of parenting and what we believe is correct and by saying this, I am not for one minute suggesting that my theories are right and hers wrong, it’s just different. I also can imagine that from her side, it may seem like I’m interfering or criticising  (though I hope she knows i’m not trying to do that) when i’m giving my two cents, which must be irritating when i’m not an actual mother  myself. It can be hard to strike both understanding and balance, to respect each others roles in a less then conventional set up. But this is our life and life has challenges from time to time but when love is at the base, these little obstacles can simply be seen as stepping stones in the lessons of life. The good thing about being aunty to two beautiful nephews, is that a lot of the time, we just get to have fun and i’m fine with that!

My sister was very young when she gave birth to my eldest nephew and becoming a mother at any age, I imagine is no easy feat! Watching her with my nephews has been an incredible learning experience and a privilege with yet still so much to come. I am proud of her and all that she does.

Both my nephews are lucky to have her as a mum. They are also lucky to have all the people that love them so much, i’m talking my mum (their Nana) and their other uncles and aunties, you know who you are.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I know the write up won’t be understood by everyone but I just wanted to come from a close aunties point of view.

Take care,

Daniella xox

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