Why Roses Lead To a Sweet Surprise

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Okay, I promise i’ll get on to the roses story in a minute but first let me speak about this skirt! I actually wore this outfit a while ago now, before my Birthday even! This skirt is probably one of my most worn and hardest working pieces I own. It’s by Miu Miu which I bought via Net a Porter back in 2011 I think everything about it from the colour, to the fit, material and length makes it perfect in my eyes. Whilst some may say it’s restricted to Spring and Summer seasons only, I actually find it works wonderfully in the Autumn and Winter months too. But for now, it’s the summer and it’s been a chilly one at that! No worries though because it gives me the opportunity to not only continue wearing my navy blazer but also this zip up knit. Which I don’t think i’ve shared on the blog before. I bought this beautiful piece back in the spring, from the mens Collezione section in Marks & Spencers, which is full of classic pieces inspired by Italy. I didn’t realise at the time of buying the knit that it was more of a light pastel, purple kind of colour. I actually thought it was a nude grey. I don’t know if it was the lighting in the store or I am colour blind. Yes, I could have taken it back but I actually ended up liking how it looked anyway.


When I look back at these photos, I can’t help be reminded of something that happened to me that day. I was in my local M&S ( I promise i’m not trying to promote them or be some sort of spokeswomen for that matter) buying some food and roses (the roses you see as a background image when you scroll my blog) and the girl at the till serving us, I think I noticed her name tag said Charlotte, said that she followed my blog and that she liked it. I was so taken back by her kind words, I went really quiet, shy and whilst mumbling the words “thank you” in a little mouse voice. It’s not like I’ve not ever been told by someone that they like my blog but being recognised in my home town for my blog was something I just wasn’t expecting. Lellavictoria isn’t a very big blog by a long shot, so I was surprised that someone in Taunton read it. Anyway, I felt bad that I went quiet and didn’t say to much, so Charlotte (if I am right in thinking that is your name) if you are still following my blog, thank you for your kind words, it made my day!


Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox




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  • (old) Newbark Bag

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7 thoughts

  1. this is perfect !! clean lines, basic colours and comfy pieces – all together its soo you that no one else would look as good as you in it !


  2. Sweet story! Hope “Charlotte” reads this!
    I’m admiring once again, how timeless and in a good way “not trendy” your outfits are! (hope you don’t get this wrong!)


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