Smile On Sunday With Friends

Smile On Sunday With Friends


Friends and me go way back and i’m not exaggerating. I have been watching Friends since the age of 6. Yeah, no messing around here folks! My uncle lived with us at the time and he was an avid fan. When he was out i’d sneak up to his room and “borrow” his Friends videos. Now, you’re probably wondering how I understood the comedy at the age? Well, I didn’t. But all I remember was it bringing me a lot of laughter and it making me rather happy. The good thing about watching it from such a young age was that as i’ve gotten older, my understanding and appreciation for the iconic comedy has grown even more so. I’ve been able to view it with fresh eyes and so even though I watched it god knows how many times, in ways it feels new again.

For me and most people I know, when it comes to watching Friends, I watch it and re-watch it time and time again. There is no wrong time to sit back, relax and enjoy these six characters, who over the years have cemented themselves in to our lives. I’m going to share some of my favourite clips every now and again just because. Today I start with this cracker from Joey and Ross. It’s not necessarily my favourite because it’s all my favourite but this one just came to mind.

Hope you enjoy and have a great Sunday,

Daniella xox




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    1. Thank you for your comment Michelle. Yes I have seen a few episodes of Episodes and I thought they were brilliant! I’ve actually been meaning to get the box sets so I can watch them all! 🙂


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