Style Is Eternal Yvs Saint Laurent

Style is Eternal









Style is Eternal




As Yvs Saint Laurent once said ” Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal” I can’t help but be drawn to the idea of this statement. The concept of Fashion excites me but it style is what really resides within me. Style is a huge part of what defines you as a person. This is not to suggest that one has to even have a particular interest in fashion. Style is your personal taste and wearing what makes you feel your most confident, comfortable you. Or so I believe. Style isn’t what is around at the time, neither is it fixated to one notion of style for example: Edgy, minimal, vintage, feminine, androgynous and so on. Style is mysterious, unique, timeless, thought provoking, Style is Eternal!


I am speaking about this today because the Yvs Saint Laurent Style Is Eternal exhibit is currently on at The Bows Museum. The exhibit is displaying the iconic designers work with some of his most recognisable pieces that he introduced us too throughout his life. The smoking jacket is undoubtably one of those recognisable pieces. This beautifully crafted jacket has and continues to be a certified wardrobe staple and even though many/most including myself can’t afford such luxury, it is still an item to be in awe of and with thanks to the selection of high street shops, you can channel the idea with inspired pieces alike.


I’ve made an outfit mood board based around the iconic jacket with the “fashion fades, style is eternal” in mind. Whilst classic pieces will always remain chic and timeless, it’s all about how you wear them. This is what will define your style. I love how an item such as the smoking jacket can be adapted and interpreted by all sorts of individual style bringing together one common bond of appreciation for timeless quality.



  • Saint Laurent Smoking Jacket – Here
  • Saint Laurent Beret – Here
  • Saint Laurent Stripe Top – Here
  • Saint Laurent Trousers – Here
  • Saint Laurent Belt – Here
  • Saint Laurent Boots – Here
  • Saint Laurent Tote – Here



All Via Farfetch



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