Life and Love! 8 Years On

conan & I conan and I 8years conan&I conanme 8 years

conan & I DSC_7135

me & Conan conaN & i 8 years DSC_7393 conan & Me 8 years cona & Me

DSC_7270_Fotor me&conan 8


Love is one of the most incredible, fascinating emotions there is. Being in love is a blessing for the few and a lesson for the many. True love, an opening to find a part of yourself, a part you never knew existed. Everyone’s experience of true love is different and even though I believe that life can change in a second and nothing is ever for certain, there are a few things that can never be taken away from what i’ve learnt in the presence of true love.


True Love is like what Mary Angelou once said, “Love liberates”. True Love should free your soul, not tie it down. I am going to be honest with you, I have both jealous and possessive traits when it comes to relationships. Alongside that, I think we live in a society that is often full of people not wanting others to strive or achieve personal success due to there being this fear that we may get left behind, I myself may have been guilty of feeling like this when I was younger, more naive and less understanding to what true love really meant. And so the two words liberate and love hasn’t always been the most natural knowing for me. But true love changed that, as I was set free to be who I really am and more. This has only encouraged me to reciprocate this back as much as I possibly can. So many people loose themselves, loose what they were once so passionate about and probably what originally attracted you to they. By lifting and hopefully inspiring your love to pursue all their dreams, keeps their soul alive.  Of course growing into new things together is something I see as being equally important.

On Sunday we celebrated 8 years together. To mark this my sister kindly took some photos of us.  I didn’t want to set a formal scene, instead just us doing what we do best, mucking around and having fun. I am not trying to portray or suggest that we are the worlds happiest couple and like every other relationship out there we have our moments. Whatever has been in the past and whatever may happen in the future is irrelevant because right now this is our version of True Love.


Take care,

Daniella xox


Photos By Trinity. Edited by me.



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6 thoughts

  1. I love this LOVE post Daniella! You describe your LOVE so wonderful in a very simple way. The way it should be…
    Wish you many years together and maybe in 20 years from now you will recreate this photos again 🙂 I look forward to see them and to see you both with the same happy smile.
    Send you a hug!


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