Miami Here We Come! Travel Tips Please..

Miami Travel




Yes, Miami here we come!!! A week or so ago I mentioned that the boyfriend and I have booked our first holiday and today I can say, that in September we will be jetting off to Miami! We will be staying at The Raleigh which looks lovely and hopefully we will get to enjoy some proper sun, something we seem to be lacking in the Southwest of England this summer! I can’t begin to tell you how excited we both are, it’s a real first for the both of us and in a way I am glad we waited this long to go on holiday together. There are some couples that get together, go on holiday, move in together, get married and have kids in the first two years and whilst I can accept that everyone is different and each couple has their way of doing things, it does leave me wondering, whats left?! No, I think we are both of the mindset to look forward to each milestone and do it when it’s right instead of rushed.

Anyway, back to Miami people!! Has anyone reading this been there before? or in-fact live there? Because we could really do with some Restaurant tips, awesome shopping locations and any must-sees when in Miami! We would both be so very grateful for any suggestions. Leave a comment or email me Here.

Thanks and take care,

Daniella xox

Photo Credit Via Pinterest & The Raleigh Hotel Website

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