Mini Skirts & Going Bag-less With a Chic Pouch

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I’ve been into shorter/ mini skirts a little more recently and I just love this red and white printed mini that I found and bought for myself in Topshop a while ago. I remember it being a very good price, like £26.00 or something like that. I also like that it doesn’t ride up, like some mini skirts can. Red is a colour that is slowly but surly working it’s way into my wardrobe more and more. Another new item that I managed to get my hands on, is this chic little leather pouch. I picked it up for £12.00 in the Topshop sale and even though I cant’ fit much more then my phone and debit card in this pouch, the weightless feel is very freeing! Apart from how handy and convenient bags are, carrying them can often feel a little restrictive for me.

A little bloglovin update: If you follow me via bloglovin you might still be getting updates to the Creators of Desire website?! I’m trying my best to sort this with bloglovin but they are saying that are facing difficulties with moving followers right now, which I can’t say that I completely buy because this has been going on for two weeks now! A big company like this may have temporary problems with such things but I struggle to believe it would continue on for this period of time. I honestly don’t understand why this is happening. Just stick with me and I promise it will get sorted and more regular posts will happen once again!

Take care and have a great week,

Daniella xox

p.s I’ve picked out some cute mini skirts incase you would like to have a look 🙂

Tell me what you think about mini skirts?

  • Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses – similar Here
  • W Concept T-shirt
  • Topshop Skirt
  • Topshop Leather Pouch
  • (old) Marni Sandals






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2 thoughts

  1. Beautiful skirt. I also love your sandals Daniella. Hmm, I’m with you, it seems like a while for just moving followers. I have only contacted them in the past for a tech issue/and e-mail change and they responded within a day or two. Hopefully it will get sorted for you soon. x/Madison


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