Mac Make Up! Today’s Beauty Post.

mac make upDSC_6727 DSC_6769 Untitled-1 DSC_6780 DSC_6723



Today I wanted to share some of the Mac Make up I recently bought. Good make up is something I often see the difference in, obviously there are some exceptions and not every piece of make up has to be the best and most expensive. I don’t overly enjoy spending money on make-up but I when you’re happy with the quality and longevity then I guess its money well spent. Because let’s face it, how long make up lasts on my face as well as how well it apply’s is pretty much what defines good make up, or at least that’s my opinion on it.


I have used Mac’s Fluidline Eye-liner gel before and I always loved the way it glided on my eye lids. So, after a year or so of not applying any liner to my upper eye lids, I decided I missed it and wanted to return to the product. The reason I stopped using it in the first place was because I really wanted to try a more natural look when it came to my make up routine and I tried this for about a year but the truth is due to the illness I suffer with (M.E) it leaves me with dark circles from the lack of sleep and constant fatigue. By applying the eye liner, it brings the attention to the colour of my eyes and in turn leaves me feeling happier and more confident. I also tried something new with this Mac Blot powder, which I originally read about on the Garance Doré blog. I can suffer with an oily t-zone at times and especially so in the summer months, so this appealed to me for that reason. It’s a little un-practical to carry around  but it does help dry up the unwanted oils. I don’t always apply it, just as and when I need too.



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