Accessories Talk & The Comment I Can See Coming

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Accessories seem to be on my mind currently as well as everything in the New in section on Zara! Anyway back to accessories, I had this scarf on birthday wish list but I didn’t receive it, not to complain in way shape or form because I am so grateful for every gift that I was lucky enough to receive. But this scarf hasn’t left my mind and I think how much I wear my Margaret Howell polka dot scarf, which is crazy amounts but it’s navy so a very easy colour to style. In my opinion anyway. Even though the base colour of this scarf is cream/neutral, I still think that due to the classic stripe print it will prove it’s worth time and time again. A dear friend of mine swears by scarves and what they can bring to a look. If she had £200 to spend on either a beautiful scarf or a classic white shirt of the same beautiful quality, she would rather buy the scarf and pick up a white shirt in a high street shop. I can definitely see her point but I do believe in good quality wardrobe basics, such as the white shirt. But she was certainly the person who enlightened me to what a good scarf can to do to an outfit.

On to the hat, i’ve actually ordered this and now I am just waiting for it to arrive (concerned because its taking longer then usual to come). It was a bit of an impulsive move, I didn’t get to think about it for very long before buying it but I had that typical SALE worry, that it would sell if I didn’t click BUY! Bad I know but I don’t think its a purchase that i’lll live to regret, we’ll see I guess. Though I am worried it’s a little Pharell Williams, not that I dislike him but you know it’s just the sort of comment I can see coming, especially from the boyfriend haha. See i’m thinking more Tasya van Ree but ultimately i’m thinking me.

Hopefully the hat will come soon and I can show you it in more detail. And also the scarf will fall into my Net a Porter shopping basket. 😉

What do you think? What are you’re favourite accessories to invest in/ buy?

Take care,

Daniella xox

  • Clyde Hat (sold out) but a beautiful selection Here
  • Toteme Scarf – Here

One thought

  1. You’re right, and scarves are actually my favourite “go to” accessory. It’s basically the only accessory that I wear year round, keep in my handbag type of accessory. Love these pieces here. I think investing in a few good accessories is always key. For me, it’s a good hat, scarf , and quality timepiece. 🙂 Madison
    Kitchen Tales


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