New Blog Beginnings! My Thoughts On This

New Blog



Heyyy! I can’t believe i’m back blogging on my own site! Like I said, I am incredibly grateful for the few years at Creators of Desire, it was a great platform to be a part of but I always knew I would come back to my own blog, hence why I kept my domain.

One of the main reasons I am excited about being back on my new blog, is that I can now bring other elements of my life that extend further then personal style and outfit posts. I have a lot of interests and passions in life and though we were free to post what we liked on Cofd, for some reason, I always held back. Now I am at a point where I feel confident enough to share more of what makes me. I know it won’t suit everyone but that’s okay, no one has to read and agree with everything I do.

I’m still somewhat working on the layout of the New blog, so bare with me and please let me know, if something isn’t working on your end. Also, feel free to tell me about anything you may want me to cover here on Lellavictoria, i’m always open to suggestion, so just drop me an email.

The photo you are seeing is snippet of when I wore my beautiful vintage dressing gown, oh and wait until you see the shoes!! Tomorrow I hope to be back with the full outfit post, so stay tuned!

Take care and hopefully you will like it just as much here.

Daniella xox

11 thoughts

  1. Congratulation Daniella! I’m happy to see your new Blog ! You are a very creative person with so much great style in fashion and not only. Now I look forward to see what’s to come!
    I also want to wish you Happy Birthday (sorry for being so late). I wish you all the best and much more! Every single wish of yours to come true!
    Send you hugs lovely lady!


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