Back to Reality & Some Androgynous Summer style

Androgynous summer style.DSC_7866Androgynous summer style. DSC_8143 DSC_7903 DSC_7847 DSC_8116 DSC_7866



After 5 days of celebrating my Birthday (yes, to say I milk it, is an understatement) it’s time to snap back to reality, well, almost, it is my boyfriends mums birthday today and so we will celebrating that tonight with a family meal, which i’m looking forward to.

It’s so much easier to switch off from everyday mode then it is to switch back on! But i’m grateful for the AMAZING few days I’ve been lucky enough to have, surrounded by my bestest people, good food and not to mention the beautiful birthday gifts I received. The weather even, has somewhat managed to hold out, maybe not as hot as I would of liked but certainly good enough that really I shouldn’t complain at all. I look forward to sharing some photos with you, well, if you’d like to see them that is?!
I leave with you, my androgynous take on summer style.
Take care and have a lovely week,
Daniella xox
  • (boyfriends) Marks & Spencer Cardigan – similar Here 
  • (old) MhL. Margaret Howell Shirt – similar Here & Here 
  • (old) Missoni Scarf
  • (old) 3.1 Phillip Lim Shorts – similar Here 
  • Newbark Shoes – On SALE Here

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