Today’s Outfit post + #bloggerissues!

Styling an olive green waistcoat in a minimalist way. DSC_8438 DSC_8566 DSC_8500 DSC_8496


Today’s outfit post reminds me of that time, when we drove to a location to take outfit photos, only to realise that I forgot to put the memory card in! Yep, one of those extremely annoying things that shouldn’t happen but does, you can imagine the boyfriends face!!! After we drove back home, the light was all but gone but thankfully just enough time to capture a few decent shots. #Bloggerissues isall I gotta say on the matter.

Anything like this ever happened to you?

Take care,

Daniella xox

  • Maxmara Waistcoat
  • (old) Acne Studios Dress
  • (old) Acne Studios Trousers
  • (old) Newbark Slides

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