Jumpsuit & Boiler Suit Into Style With Todays Blogpost!

Street style. Boiler suits & Jumpsuit.




I’ve been a fan of the boiler suit for a fair few years now . I only have one full length boiler suit but now I know that the one-piece continues to inspire me, I would like to expand on that. I always wish I got the white version of the MiH boiler suit years ago and not instead of my grey version but as well as, just because I haven’t seen one as good that yet, it was the perfect colour and I am always happy with the fit.

The boiler suit that has actually taken my eye this season, has been this black cotton one-piece by Isabel Marant Etoile. But after looking over the last few weeks, I have found an array of styles that I am fond of and so I am sharing my favourite picks in todays blogpost (along with some street style inspiration, is it word that i’ve added myself into the mix?) and I would love to know what you think of my selection.
Have a great day! Take care,
Daniella xox
Images via Pinterest, Style.com, Rag & Bone

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