The Sale Crossroads

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I shared this look on Instagram soo long ago now back we when went to a place called Lyme Regis for the afternoon. I don’t know why it’s taken me son lon to upload the photos but here they are!

Still loving this shirt dress, it was comes in handy when the really hot weather kicks in (if that ever happens here) it’s so light and east to wear. It’s weird to think that we are actually so close to the summer sales now, some have even started and yet I still haven’t experienced proper summer weather yet, maybe the odd day here and there but that’s all. Now it should be clear by now, that my wish list is a magic one, see when I’m able to tick one thing off the list, another pops up and takes it place! Seeing as the sales aren’t that far away now, i’m back at the crossroads that I usually find myself at during these times, do I wait to for the sales to kick to buy my next “must-have”? or do I take the plunge now just in-case it sells out before the sales start? Either way it could have a very annoying outcome, either I kick myself because in a few weeks time, the said item is half price or I say bye bye, sorry we never got the chance to hit it off!

Do you have similar thoughts this time of year?

Take care,

Daniella xox

  • All Saints Jacket – ON SALE Here 
  • (old) E.Tautz Shirt dress – HereHereHere & Here
  • Whistles Boots
  • Newbark Bag
  • Gucci Sunglasses – Similar Here & Here 
  • (mums old) Scarf


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