Cute Mules! The Shoes I am Thinking about.





I can’t stop thinking these suede mules by Paloma Barceló via Net a Porter!! I know Mules have been on the scene for the last couple of years and even though I have always admired how they look, I was just always put off because I always imagined they would be uncomfortable to walk in. I’m still not completely sure how comfortable this style of shoe will be to walk in but I tried on an old pair of my mums the other day and they surprised me, so maybe I should re-think the Mule.

I know the photos may seem to be a bit random but I was searching Pinterest for some Mule inspiration and I came across them and even though I think the term Donkey is much cuter then Mule, at least it makes the photos somewhat relevant to this post. Even if it is simply for the cuteness of it all.
Do you wear Mules? What do you think about these?
Take care,
Daniella xox
  • Paloma Barceló Mules – Here 

Photo inspiration – Glamour France via & Pinterest 

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