Blogger I love: That Fashion Eater Tine

Blogger crush/inspiration





Remember my last Style lovely I featured on the blog (see Here) Well, I really enjoyed that post and the feedback that I received and so I decided I would make another one.

Now today’s stylish blogger isn’t exactly new to the scene or at least for me, as I have followed her style for ages now and you’re probably already aware of her and if you’re not, SHAME ON YOU! Only joking but you should totally be aware to Tine Andrea’s style blog THE FASHION EATERS.
Tine’s style is cool, on point and PERFECT but perfect in the way that’s nothing is too polished, perfect in the way that there is always an original edge to her chic style.
Tine’s blog has an awesome consistency of personal style outfit posts and inspiration/moodboards and this will have you scrolling through post after post and before you know it, you’ve been sat at the screen for a weird stalker-like amount of time!
So there is my Blogger Crush and if you can’t already tell, I loveeee your style Hun!
Daniella xox

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