Suited In Navy! See What’s In Todays Wish list

Inspired by navy.


I have had my eye on this blazer by Reiss for a couple of months now and I really think it’s a must-have piece for the Spring and not just this Spring but Spring in general. I love a good timeless piece and a double breasted, navy jacket has been on my wish list for some years now, me thinks this is ze one.

Also loving these shorts by Karren Millen and I always seem to have thing for Gladiator style sandals when the summer hits, so needless to say that I love these by Ancient Greek Sandals but I am also loving these HERE.
Take care,
Daniella xox
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  1. Reiss Blazer – Here 
  2. Topshop Tee – Here 
  3. Karren Millen Shorts – Here 
  4. Ancient Greek Sandals – Here

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