The Tanned Effect! My Tips For a Good Fake Tan

Fake Tan Inspiration post.



So with Spring now here and Summer not far away, the topic of tanning has been on my mind. Back in the day (well, a couple of years ago) I used to fake tan all year round but in recent times, I found myself pretty much giving up come the winter, mainly because I just don’t have the extra energy for it. I know the idea of fake tan scares a lot of people, the orange factor or the streaky effect are usually the most common fears for using fake tan but I’ve been doing it for soo many years, i’m now very confident in using it.

But before I jump straight back in to fake tanning again I wanted to start with something a little lighter, like a body moisturiser that has a tanning ingredient, that can build up over time. Now this is a little more unfamiliar to me, i’ve not really used these before. I seen one by palmers for about £5.00 (or something like that) and I thought i’d give it a go. My thoughts: For £5.00 i’d recommend it, it gave me a nice colour quite quickly (a couple of days) which I was pleasantly surprised at, I thought it would take longer. I still advise exfoliating but this is something you should do regardless of whether you tan or not. I’ve noticed over time, even with exfoliation that it is slightly darker on elbows and ankles, making it a little uneven but overall good for it’s price. 
Now i’ll admit I’ve never been very adventures with different brands of Fake tan, I’ve pretty much always used St. Tropez, as has my mum and sister, it’s one the originals and I guess I always think if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! I once had a slight run in with Fake Bake but it really wasn’t for me and back to St. Tropez I went! So if anyone reading this wants to try out fake tanning, I’m going to advise St.Tropez. Of course though I am always open to suggestions, if you have good experiences with other brands!
My Tips for creating an even fake tan, though if I’m honest I don’t think you can get a completely even tan whether its fake or not but you can get close and thats good enough for me.
1. Exfoliate before applying a fake tan (preferably with an exfoliator for the same same brand of tan but this is not necessary) I also advise using exfoliating gloves to do this. 
2. Always use moisturiser on the dry areas for example. elbows, knees, ankles, hands and anywhere else that consider to be a dry part on your body. 
3. Some people like mitts but I’ve always used gloves but it all comes down to preference. 
4. Sleep in your tan if you want to create a deep looking tan, sleeping allows to it to really sink in but just be aware of your sheets, maybe strip them off first or use old ones. Or if you put it on in the morning and take it off before you go to bed, your tan will still come out well but maybe not as deep, sometimes I like to do this when I don’t ant the tan to come out too dark. 
5. Remember to alway moisturise not only after you wash the tan off but also always after you shower, MAKE THIS A 
6. Exfoliate between weekly tans, other it will build up and could become very patchy. 

7. A facial bronzer is always a good finishing touch to your face, especially for a more even finish. 

8. If you are still unsure, then maybe start with a light or gradual tanning formula. 

:Before you start Tanning here are a few pros and cons that I think should be considered before doing so.

Pro. Tanning gives a slight appearance of looking slimmer.
Con. It can leave small marks on your clothes sometimes, even after washing it off.
Pro. It’s definitely the smarter and healthier option, then laying out in the sun or getting a sun bed to get a tan.
Con. It takes a fair bit of time and money to prepare and maintain a fake tan.
Pro. A fake tan is always a confidence booster (or at least in my opinion) but I also believe that whatever skin colour we have, we should be confident in that first!
I really hope you like this post and that you have found it helpful. If anyone has any tips of their own, i’d love to know them 🙂
Take care and have a great week,
Daniella xox

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