A Sunny Day In Lyme Regis

Lime Regis Beach



Yesterday the boyfriend and I went to Lyme Regis beach, which is about an hours drive from where we live. I hadn’t been there before, so I just wanted to have a wonder around as I’ve heard its quite pretty. Even though the sun was shining it was actually quite chilly but never the less still enjoyable.

It was indeed a pretty place, it had some truly stunning views and I would like to go back there when it’s a little bit warmer but I don’t think i’ll go back there in the middle of the summer as I can imagine it to be heaving with tourists come that time of year.
We found a place to eat called the Harbour Inn but unfortunately even though it looked nice, as we all know sometimes that looks can be deceiving. The food was overpriced for the standard flavours and the portions would of probably left me leaving there 2 stone heavier if I had eaten all that was there, honestly, it was enough to feed a family of four! The staff were also rushing around left right and centre, creating a very un-relaxing atmosphere. These are just my opinions though.
Anyway, today we are going to take the doggy for a walk and later go and catch a movie, whilst of course indulging in lots of ice cream!  If you’re ever near Lyme Regis, I would definitely advise checking it out! 🙂
Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
Daniella xox

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