On a Rare & Beautiful Day

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I wore this on a rare and beautiful day in April for a family barbecue at my Nan & Granddads house and for most of the afternoon if not all of it I didn’t even wear the cardigan, as their garden is a bit of a sun trap. Days like these are a great reminder for the long days of summer to come.

I wore my newly bought flared jeans, see I already love my J Brand ones that i’ve owned for years but I was after a high waisted style. I’d seen some gorgeous pairs by Mih and Frame denim but after walking into my local M&S one day, I came across these, which are part of their limited collection and were about £30. I went back to try them on because even though I am always buying from there, a lot of the time it’s basics from the menswear department and when I shop women’s, it’s never been for denim. They only had a size UK 8 and I thought that with them being a higher waist style, the jeans would definitely need to be a 6 but turns out they were a good fit, a little big but not noticeably or uncomfortably so.

Instead of going for a denim shirt, I chose my silk one (a piece i’ve returned too quite a bit recently) for a slightly more effortlessly luxe feel and borrowed my mums faded gold sling backs to emphasise that.

Take care and wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Daniella xox

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